There has been a long debate about raw and virgin hair in the market. Hair vendors are using these terms falsely for the labeling of their hair extensions to sell hair to their customers.

Virgin and raw hair have their features. We hope that after reading this article till the end you will be able to figure out the right option. Let’s find out the 5 major differences between raw hair and virgin hair.

  1. Unprocessed

Raw hair is 100% natural and unprocessed human hair. Chemical processes are not use to alter the raw hairs. Vendors collect  Raw hair are directly from their donors and then wash and condition the hair in the factory. Vendors sell raw hairs to the consumer in different forms like clip-ins, wefts, tips, and tapes.

Hair extensions made out of raw hair have become the favorite choice of almost everyone. they act exactly like your own natural hair. Raw hair blends easily with every hair type. Raw hair has 3 types, straight, wavy, and curly.

Mostly virgin hair are the hairballs and vendors collect them from combs and plug holes, then they are stretch them with the help of hands to make hair extension. The other name of Virgin hairs is Remi hair.. Asia is one of the major exporters of virgin hair.

The real meaning of virgin hair is , hair that has never been manipulating by any chemical process in any way. For virgin hair, the steam process is used to achieve the desire texture. Although the meaning of virgin hair indicates that they have never been through chemical processes. Sellers are also using the same thing for marketing purposes but it is hardly the case nowadays.

The hair that vendors are selling in the name of virgin hair is not 100% virgin. Most of the virgin hair in the market is chemically treated. Chemical processes are use to give them temporary luster and a full appearance.


Vendor or sellers collect every bundle of raw hair is directly their donors . While on the other hand workers collect virgin hair is from combs which means they are from different people. So a single bundle of a virgin can be the mixture of hair that are from different people.


As compared to virgin hair, the raw hair is usually rougher in texture. So, you should be worried if someone is selling super silky hair as raw hair. Cambodian hair is consider as best raw hair available in the market nowadays. Other common types of raw hair are Vietnamese, Indonesian, and Burmese hair. One of the biggest advantages of coarse hair is that it can hold curls for about 4 weeks. So, if you are a person who is more into curls you should buy raw hair for yourself.


Raw hair is usually double-drawn. This is an additional process that is used during the sorting of the hair. After collecting hair from the donor machines are use to remove shorter hair.

On the side, virgin hairs are single-drawn. Therefore there are a lot of shorter hair strands at the top of the bundle which leaves the bundle very thin at the bottom.


It is easy to bleach and color the raw hair and they hold it very well. We recommend you, to get it done by professionals using good coloring material. Raw hair is the hair from a different human so they need more amount of care. As after has been cut from their donor they are already missing the nutrients.

On the other hand, virgin hair can get damage during bleaching and chemical processes because different chemical processes are already use on virgin hair to achieve desire smoothness and texture so adding more chemicals can cause great damage to the hair.



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