General Hair Care Tips

Our hair extension are natural and chemical free. To keep it looking good use good organic and sulfate free shampoos to avoid stripping hair of its natural nutrient

Wash the hair gently in a downward motion with your soft/wide toothed comb/hands. Do not scrub or bunch the hair together as this would cause friction Do not brush wet hair, cuticles are most vunerable. Add few drops of almond, coconut or argan oil whilst conditioning your extensions.

Rinse with cold water. This helps to close the cuticles and lock in shine Air dry your extensions after a wash. Do not use heat for drying De-tangle your extensions with hands first before using a wide toothed brush.

Use weekly leave in conditioner /serums/ silicone sprays to reduce tangling Whilst styling please use heat protectants before applying hot irons, wands etc. Avoid constant heat application on your extensions Wrap your hair in silk scarf or silky bonnet to prevent tangling and bunching Before swimming wear a swim cap to prevent chlorine from getting to your hair


Frontals/Closures create lovely illusions and give our hairline good looks , but these products are delicate and should be handled properly.
They are 100% handmade, thus they are more fragile and less resistant than your bundle extensions.

Take extreme care during customisation. HD laces are more fragile and subject to damage from bleaching. Ensure your stylist is qualified and understands how to go about this process without causing much damage. We are not liable for damage caused from improper use and customisation.

Do not brush, scratch, pull, over bleach and pick your Laces  as this could lead to excessive shedding and affect the life span of your lace.
The longevity of your lace depends on usage and care. They can last for a day or up to 9months depending on how you manage and use them.

Always give your lace  to your  a qualified stylist to maintain, color, wash or bleach.



The general rule of thumb to coloring hair is to go for natural hair color.As it is easier to darken than to lighten.
For blonde hair colors. This hair is not for amateurs. It is a bleached hair and great caution should be applied before color application. We highly recommend you consult your stylist using non-permanant and less harsh coloring systems to achieve desirable results.
It is very important to deep mask/keratin condition the blonde extensions after coloring to restore shine to the cuticles.
The factory colored extensions(bright colors), permanent colors are used. Removing permanent colors could be tricky and difficult. Kindly consult your stylist for advise