Guide to Buy a best new wig online

Wig can add more versatility and style to every side of your personality and make every hairstyle easy to do, but choosing the right wig option for yourself is a tricky game. Wigs come with various options like lace closures, lace frontals, ready-to-wear, 360 degrees, etc. But don’t worry we have a complete wig buying guide for you so that you can choose a perfect wig for yourself and can embrace every side of your personality.

Buying a wig is a valuable investment, it can add more confidence, glam, and style to your personality. Whether you are going to buy a wig online or in-store, always you have to answer a few questions like what is your head size, what is your face length and shape? Which style do you want to buy? etc. In this wig buying guide, you will get the answer to these questions so read this article till the end.

How do measure your head size?

Even if you are looking for an adjustable wig knowing your head size is important as it can help find a variety of different hair products, for example, bundles and closure.

The average of a women’s head is between 22 to 23 inches. Since it is an average size, the size of your head can run smaller or larger. Many wigs come with a standard size that is adjustable to every head size.

To measure your head size just right, follow these tips:

  • Pull your hair away from your face and clip the tightly, you can use a headband as well.
  • Wrap a flexible measuring tape around the back of your head. Now pull the tape forward just about your ears. Meet the ends of the tape at your hairline in the center of your forehead. This is how you can measure the circumference of your head.
  • Now place the one end of the measuring tape at one ear and pull it across the top of your head to your other ear. This is how you measure ear-to-ear distance.
  • Now unclip your hair and place the one end of the measuring tape at the center of your forehead and pull it across your head until it reaches the nape of your neck. By following this step you can get your front-to-back distance.

When you have gathered all the necessary measurements you can find a perfect wig size for yourself.

What is your face shape?

The best thing about wigs and hair extension is that comes in various colors, style, and shape that you can dream of. The tricky part is selecting the wig that can complement your face shape and personality.

  • To measure your face shape, you can use flexible tape. First, you need to find out the forehead measurement. Stretch the tape from a peak of your one brow arch to the peak of the other. Now write down the measurements.
  • The next step is to measure your cheekbones. At first, find out the bumps of your cheekbone below the corner of your eye. Now measure the length from one bump to the other. Note down the measurements.
  • The next step is to find out your jawline size and face length. Place the measuring tape at one side of the jawline till the other and note down the measurements. And to measures, the length of your face, place the measuring tape at the center of your forehead to the tip of your chin and write down the length.

Now you have all the measurements of your face, use them to find what is your face size and to choose the right wig that suits your face.

Embrace your style:

Now you know the basic rules like your head size and your face type, start searching for a wig style that can enhance your personality. Whether you want to glam up your look or want to keep it simple, these few wig buying tips can help you to find out the perfect wig size, length, and type.

Which wig style is perfect for your personality?

There are a lot of wig options available in the market that offers multiple benefits like up does, adding volume to your hair, and recreating your partitions. Ready-to-wear wigs can give you the freedom to recreate the looks that you want with minimal effort.

Lace fronts give you a very natural and seamless look. Lace fronts are the perfect option to recreate your natural hairlines. If you are facing hair loss you can buy a lace front to add volume to your hair.

360 lace wigs are super versatile and are the perfect option when it comes to trying different up does, to boost your hair density and to protect your natural hair. We love this wig because it gives an undetectable and supernatural look.

With the help of this wig buying guide, you are all set to buy a perfect wig for yourself and even for your friends and family. by applying these steps, you can easily buy a wig in the online store and markets.

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