How To Buy the Correct Length Hair Extensions

Hair extensions will assist you obtain the self-assurance you desire. You will need to combine brief and lengthy hair extension lengths for layers to appear natural. In order to buy these, you have to consider some basic things. There are two types of hair extensions: Synthetic based and Human Hair based extensions.

Synthetic based extensions are usually made up of synthetic and plastic fibres, they are non-blendable are not heat resistant and their life span is just 1 to 2 uses. They are cheap but they are not much preferred as they are not prone to styling and buying these are not usually recommended. Contrary to it, Human Hair based extensions are prioritized because of its long-life span, natural hair looks, resistance to heat which helps you altogether to style your hair and they are blendable. They are however a bit expensive but clearly give more advantages.

Also, the Clip-On extension method among the other methods is the cheapest and the quickest. It provides you with the quick service. It is easily executable and don’t indulge you in any pain as compared to toppers and semipermanent methods. Now after choosing the type of extension and method for its application, you should consider some salient tips to make your hair look natural while buying extensions.

Determine Hair Color

You’ll need the character hair extensions you pick out to in shape the precise color of your personal hair. This may be a chunk tricky. If you get it wrong, your extensions will make your hair appearance inconsistent and uneven. Use the hair swatches to be had at hair extension salons that will help you in shape up the extensions on your hair. If you’re having trouble, you may usually dye your hair after which discover the extension to in shape.

Determine thickness/texture

Choosing the proper kind and texture of hair extensions can play a good-sized function to your standard look. You want to pick a sew-in hair extension that has the identical texture as your herbal hair in order that the extension can combination in nicely together along with your actual hair.

Straight hair extensions: You can fashion it the manner you normally do together along with your actual hair. You also can wash and cross fashion it in case you are going for walks out of time to fashion it properly. People who’ve curly or wavy hair also can use directly hair extensions.

Defined Curly: You have to hold your described curly hair extensions via way of means of the usage of sulfate-loose shampoos and moisturizing your hair regularly. Also, keep away from washing your hair greater than  instances a week. Once you wash your clip in hair extensions, ensure which you allow them to air dry.

You have to understand the kind of hair and texture you need earlier than getting hair extensions. This will manual you in deciding on the proper extension, so that it will appearance herbal and mix in together along with your hair.

Determine Length:

Longer hair: longer hair have a much wider preference of hair portions. In phrases of extensions, you could take your select out from 20-22” or even 24-26”.

Medium hair: Just like shorter hair, medium duration hair will even appearance thicker, bouncier and complete of existence with hair extensions in place. Don’t be tempted with the aid of using going any more than 16-18 inches

Shorter hair:  If you’ve got short hair, then it’s fine to paste to 14-16” hair extensions. However, the sort you select is absolutely as much as you.


Keeping in view the above information you can buy a good and appropriate hair extension.

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