How To Keep Your Hair Extensions Looking Exceptional

Hair extensions have gained enormous popularity over the past decade and no doubt they are worth the hype. As there is no better way to transform your look within a matter of minutes. Extensions are ideal for enhancing the length of your hair and achieving voluminous hair. Proper care of the hair extensions is vital as ignorance can lead to irreversible damage even to your natural hair.

Also during times of pandemic attending regular extension maintenance appointments at the salon might not be possible for you. So we have mentioned a few basic tips and tricks for you to keep your hair extensions look exceptional. And these methods will be your knight in the shining armour and help you get the most out of your new hair extension set. So that you do not have to purchase a new set more often and have to undergo that installation process at the salon.

Brush Your Extensions Regularly & With Great Care

Hair extensions are expensive and keeping them in top-notch condition should be your priority to make them last longer. Hence the most reliable strategy in such a scenario can be gentle brushing to keep your hair free from knots and mats. In contrast, getting some quality brush to detangle your hair should also be your priority as the perfect hairbrush will make the job a lot easier.

Just like your natural hair, extensions can also get tangled up and you cannot go brush them harshly as you do to your natural hair. So you will have to follow a sequence in which you start brushing your extension from lower ends and then gradually take it upwards. This method will not cause any strain on your scalp or your extension will also retain its quality. And the more gentle you are, the more often you can brush the extension.

Wash Your Extension Often

Whether you use semi-permanent salon extensions or clip-on it’s inevitable to wash them for longevity. You can wash your hair normally with the salon extension on and take good care of your scalp.

But do not overdo either wash them as often as you do to your natural hair. Because this will loosen the extensions and they will not last long as you expect them. While for better care use shampoo and conditioner recommended by your hair technician. This way you can minimise the damage to your hair extension.

Wash your extension in the shower to make water run down easily and to avoid detangling. And just like a normal hair care routine, shampoo your hair first and then condition the ends to make your real hair and extension appear glossy and voluminous.

Avoid Sleeping With Wet Extension

When you wash your hair at night and you do not have enough energy to thoroughly dry your hair. You might think of going to bed with your hair slightly damp but that can be destructive to your hair. You might not be aware of the fact that hair is weakest when it is wet and going to bed like that can take a toll on your hair when you turn at night

Also, you might get to spend hours detangling your hair after the serious bedhead. This will put a strain on both your scalp and extension-making the hair extension fall out. So before going to bed make sure to completely dry out your hair and extensions, especially from the point they are installed in your head.

Minimise The Usage Of Heating Equipments

To enhance the longevity of your hair extension and to minimise damage to your natural hair it is suggested to take breaks from heating your hair now and again. Frequent use of heating equipment can reduce the lifespan of your hair extensions and can also make your real hair dry and accumulate slip ends.

To avoid such complications it is better to protect your hair with heat protection sprays. Spray them well on your hair when they are slightly damp before you start curling or straightening them up. Also, set the temperature of your heating equipment as low as possible to prevent your hair extension from burning up.

All the above-mentioned strategies will enhance the lifespan of your hair extension keeping them shiny and wearable for years.

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